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Eirit Ltd. was founded on 1993 by Michael Kaneh.

We specialize in all types of drilling in different soils, from 3 to 6 diameter and up too 36 meter depth.

The company operates as a contractor in a wide range of soil supporting:

  • Tunneling, drilling for supporting tunnels and so forth.
  • Piles
  • Jet Grout: cementation in very high pressure:
  1. Equipment
  2. Articles
  • ג'ט גראוט
  • Drilling up to 15 meters above working surface and 8 meters below working surface.
  • Gamma break pipes.
  • Drilling for explosions.
  • Detecting cavities in the ground.


Miki Kaneh Ltd. is a Branch of Eriti Ltd. owned also by Michael Kaneh.

Was founded on 1982 by Michael kaneh and on 1986 became an Ltd. company.


There are eight workers on the work shop: locksmiths, carvers, mechanics.

Miki kaneh ltd. work shop operates as a manufactures for Eirit Ltd. and our costumers needs, it also repair all different types of used equipment.

Miki kaneh Ltd. produces different products such as:

1. Ground drilling machine size 30, 4 tons, depths 11 m and diameters up to 60 cm.
2. Hydraulic hammers sizes of 100 and 350 kg.
3. Various arms for crushers in the following factories:

a. "Oron" Factory - 1990
b. "Zehuhit ve Hol Zach" 1991

c. "Pioneer" (in now called "Hanson"): two facilities:
* Hanaton
* Nahshonim
d. "Even Vesid" five facilities:
* Castel
* Dragot
* Shfeya
* Shfaram
* Segev, was installed ten years ago.

4. Renewal of machinery totally damaged burned or crushed due to possible accidnts.
5. Construction of a drilling rig with the capability to drill 12 m in height, minus 8 m level work, horizontal and vertical depths of 25 meters.

6. Pitchfork feed drilling machine poles Jet Grout or spirals.

Miki Kaneh Ltd. is taking care for the maintenance of the facilities no matter how many years had passed since they were built.

Miki Kaneh Ltd. also maintains the similar facilities produced by other manufacturers:

1. Nesher Ramla our partner factories in selecting selling hydraulic hammer at one end of the stoves on the arm of Bobcat.

2. Cooperating with another factor we have assembled on one of the braggers, in "Nesher Haifa" on 1988, hydraulic engine and power unit (150H.P) instead of mechanical engine that was instulled.

3. Construction of special machines for drawing dice, motorized machines.
4. Among our products a wide number of spare part for hydraulic hammers and drilling machines, that we produce on regular bases.
5. Engine and compressors control systems for different machinery.


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